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fly Business Class on long-haul flights, there is a dedicated service that takes care of all of your journeys on every stage of your trip. 

Forget the stress of traveling and leave everything to Chauffeur, the exclusive service that will take you to the airport on the day of departure and to your destination on arrival, at no extra cost and in complete comfort and relaxation. And on your return journey too! 
The service is available at no extra cost, on arrival and on departure, on flights operated by Alitalia and/or Etihad to and from:

  • Rome-New York JFK*
  • Rome-Abu Dhabi
  • Milan Malpensa-New York JFK*
  • Milan Malpensa-Abu Dhabi
  • Venice-Abu Dhabi
  • NEW All destinations reached via Abu Dhabi with Etihad flights.

*The Chauffeur service is only available for bookings made in Italy


Enjoy your trip and leave the rest to the Chauffeur service. Try it now for your next flight. Use the service for both your outbound and return journeys. You can book up to a maximum of four Chauffeur services — two for departures and two for arrivals:

  • From your departure address to the airport
  • From the airport to your destination address




You can book and, if necessary, change your service up to 48 hours before the departure of your flight. To book the Chauffeur service for Alitalia or Etihad flights departing from Italy, contact the Alitalia Contact Center at the following numbers:

  • 06 65859515 from Italy 24 hours a day (toll free) 
  • 800 223 5730 from the USA 24 hours a day (toll free) 
  • 00971 2 4444 228 from the UAE 24 hours a day (rate will vary depending on the network operator)

If you are departing from any of the destinations reached via Abu Dhabi, please call +97125110000 or +971(0)25990000


The Chauffeur service is provided exclusively for passengers with Business Class Alitalia and/or Etihad tickets for the following international flights:

Rome-New York JFK*
Rome-Abu Dhabi 
Milan Malpensa-New York JFK*
Milan Malpensa-Abu Dhabi
Venice-Abu Dhabi 


The service will also be available for all destinations reached via Abu Dhabi on flights operated by Etihad in code share with Alitalia.


*The Chauffeur service on flights to/from the USA is only available for bookings made in Italy.




The Chauffeur service is not provided:

  • At transit airports
  • For award tickets, miles upgrades and/or vouchers
  • For passengers on waiting lists
  • For unaccompanied minors



In airports served by Alitalia flights, the Chauffeur service will be offered free of charge by Valyou Drivers, on behalf of Alitalia, for the following distances:

  • Up to 60 km for Rome Fiumicino
  • Up to 135 km for Milan Malpensa
  • Up to 112 km for Venice
  • Up to 90 km for New York JFK
  • Up to 150 km for Abu Dhabi 

Passengers with a confirmed Chauffeur service booking can take a maximum of four companions with tickets for the same flight, even if not traveling in Business Class.

Any journeys exceeding the indicated distances can be requested directly from the service supplier during the booking stage. The excess charge on top of the cover offered by Alitalia will be payable by the customer.


Alitalia is not responsible for any damage to people or property or for any items stolen during the provision of the service.

In airports reached via Abu Dhabi, the Chauffeur service will be offered by Etihad using its own trusted suppliers.

Visit to the dedicated page on the Etihad website to find out all of the destinations served:



Privacy information pursuant to article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/03


Alitalia gathers personal and other information communicated via the company call center or voluntarily entered into the registration forms on the website and mobile site in order to deliver the air transport service. When agreeing to these conditions for the Chauffeur service, this information may be shared with Etihad and its suppliers as independent privacy data controllers for the provision of the aforementioned Chauffeur service.

If passengers do not accept or withdraw their consent to the processing of this data, Alitalia and/or Etihad may be unable to provide, in full or in part, the services requested by the passengers.



Extra mileage fares for destinations served by Alitalia


VAT included Car Minivan
Up to 75 km EUR 23.40 EUR 27.50
Up to 100 km EUR 70.10 EUR 82.50
Up to 125 km EUR 116.90 EUR 137.50
Up to 150 km EUR 163.60 EUR 192.50
Up to 175 km EUR 210.40 EUR 247.50
Up to 200 km EUR 257.10 EUR 302.50
Up to 250 km EUR 350.60 EUR 412.50
Up to 300 km EUR 444.10 EUR 522.50
Up to 350 km EUR 537.60 EUR 632.50
Up to 400 km EUR 631.10 EUR 742.50

VAT included Car Minivan
Up to 150 km EUR 28.05 EUR 33.00
Up to 175 km EUR 74.80 EUR 88.00
Up to 200 km EUR 121.55 EUR 143.00
Up to 250 km EUR 215.05 EUR 253.00
Up to 300 km EUR 308.55 EUR 363.00
Up to 350 km EUR 402.05 EUR 473.00
Up to 400 km EUR 495.55

EUR 583.00

VAT included

Car Minivan
Up to 125 km EUR 23.40 EUR 27.50
Up to 150 km EUR 70.10 EUR 82.50
Up to 175 km EUR 116.90 EUR 137.50
Up to 200 km EUR 163.60 EUR 192.50
Up to 250 km EUR 210.40 EUR 247.50
Up to 300 km EUR 257.10 EUR 302.50
Up to 350 km EUR 350.60 EUR 412.50
Up to 400 km EUR 444.10 EUR 522.50

Up to 125 km EUR 48.75 EUR 59.50
Up to 150 km EUR 97.50 EUR 119.00
Up to 175 km EUR 146.25 EUR 178.50
Up to 200 km EUR 195.00 EUR 238.00
Up to 250 km EUR 292.50 EUR 357.00
Up to 300 km EUR 390.00 EUR 476.00

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