Service RFIC RFISC Code How to Book EMD type ICW Routing Exchange Refund
Seat Assignment A 0B5 N/A Seat EMD-A
Cancellation Fee D 995 CANC SVC EMD-S
Deposit/Down Payments D 997 DEPO SVC EMD-S
Miscellaneous Change D 98J MISC SVC EMD-S
Penalty Fee International D 98F PENF SVC EMD-S
Reservations Change Fee Intern D 993 RBKI SVC EMD-S
Residual Value Used For Refund D 996 RSVR SVC EMD-S
Residual Value For Future Air Transportation D 99I RSVT SVC EMD-S
Under Collection Fares D 999 UNCF SVC EMD-S
Under Collection Tax Fees D 998 UNCT SVC EMD-S



Legend Codes:

EMD -  Electronic Miscellaneous Document

EMD-A -  Electronic Miscellaneous Document associated to an electronic ticket

EMD-S  - Standalone Electronic Miscellaneous Document, not associated

RFIC  - Reason for issuance code

RFISC - Reason for issuance sub-code

ICW - In connection with Ticket

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