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Enjoy the convenience of a free coach service


Etihad Airways Economy guests can access our inter-emirate Etihad Luxury Coach services to Dubai and Al Ain when arriving or departing from Abu Dhabi International Airport. 


How to Book?


·         The Etihad Luxury Coach service can be requested online up to 24 hours prior to your flight. Book Coach ►

·         Through your GDS (Amadeus,Galeilo,Wordlspan.Sabre)

·         Call Global Contact Centre UAE +971  02 5990000  - 48 Hours before the flight


Connecting Dubai and Al Ain


Etihad Travel Mall stop (Downtown Dubai)

Etihad Travel Mall is located in the centre of Dubai, close to the city's major destinations. It takes about 75 minutes to travel between Etihad Travel Mall and Abu Dhabi Airport.

• Etihad Travel Mall coach schedule
• Etihad Travel Mall check-in map


Al Ain city centre

It takes approximately 90 minutes to travel between Al Ain and Abu Dhabi Airport.AlAin coach schedule.



Terms and conditions

Etihad Luxury Coach

·         The Etihad Luxury Coach service is available free of charge to guests holding confirmed coach reservations as part of a flight itinerary on Etihad Airways. The services are available to and from Abu Dhabi International Airport to Dubai and Al Ain.

·         The Etihad Luxury Coach service must be booked 24 hours prior to travel. Guest without confirmed coach reservations will not be eligible to use the service. 

·         Bookings made within 24 hours from flight departure coach will not be confirmed.

·         The Etihad Luxury Coach service is not available for Unaccompanied Minors (UM).

·         Guests with medical conditions or with reduced mobility cannot be booked to use the Etihad Luxury Coach service. 

·         Guests travelling on flights operated by other airlines may book the Etihad Luxury Coach service for a nominal fee of AED 80 per person per way. The service may be booked only through Etihad Airways offices at least 24 hours prior to flight departure. 

·         The Etihad Luxury Coach services are provided by third-party service providers who assume responsibility for all trips in terms of insurance and liabilities governing them. 

·         Please ensure a minimum connecting time of 2.5 hours to connect to departures from Abu Dhabi International Airport. 

·         The Etihad Luxury Coach service can only be used by travelers who have a corresponding arriving or departing flight from Abu Dhabi International Airport on the same day. The service cannot be availed on any other day under any circumstances.

·         The Etihad Luxury Coach service is not available for use with complimentary and discounted tickets (ID, AD etc). 

·         All guests traveling on flights operated by Etihad Airways (EY), Virgin Australia (VA), Air Seychelles (HM), Air Berlin (AB) and Garuda (GA) are eligible for Etihad Luxury Coach services.




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