Worldspan EMD for AZ - Alitalia

  RFIC RFISC Method Group EMD type ICW Refund Void Exchange
Rebooking Fee International D 993 Manual SVC N/A EMD-S   
Rebooking Fee Domestic D 994 Manual SVC N/A EMD-S
Group Deposit D 997 Manual SVC N/A EMD-S
Trip Insurance D 0BG DAS TS EMD-S
Fast Track E 0LW DAS TS EMD-A
Lounge Access E 0BX DAS LG EMD-A
Second checked bag C OCD DAS BG EMD-A
Third Checked Bag C 0CE DAS BG EMD-A
Fourth Checked Bag C 0CF DAS BG EMD-A
Fifth Checked Bag C 0CG DAS BG EMD-A
Sixth Checked Bag C 0CH DAS BG EMD-A
Ski equipment up to 23K C 0DD DAS BG EMD-A
Bicycle C 0EC DAS BG EMD-A
Weapons/ Munition up to 20K C 0ED DAS BG EMD-A
Snowboard up to 23K C 0EI DAS BG EMD-A
Sporting Equipment up to 23K C 0F8 DAS BG EMD-A
Windsurf up to 78in/200cm C 0GI DAS BG EMD-A
Windsurf from 200cm to 300cm C 0GJ DAS BG EMD-A
Excess Size PC C 0ID DAS BG EMD-A
First Extra PC C 0IJ DAS BG EMD-A
Excess Weight PC C 0IK DAS BG EMD-A
Special Baggage Charge C 0IA DAS BG EMD-A
Comfort Seat A 0B5 DAS SA EMD-A


Legend Codes:

EMD -  Electronic Miscellaneous Document

EMD-A -  Electronic Miscellaneous Document associated to an electronic ticket

EMD-S  - Standalone Electronic Miscellaneous Document, not associated

RFIC  - Reason for issuance code

RFISC - Reason for issuance sub-code

ICW - In connection with Ticket

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